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How does this work? Where do you ask for help on this website?

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totally stressed   in reply to mariahsdaddy
this is a place where people will direct you to the right places,and give you needed information about getting the kind of help that you need. what you do with that information is up to you. there is no handing out of money. occasionally I've seen cases where individuals here have helped others. I've also seen cases where these individuals have been bittin by scammers. thou generally, what you get from the page is,where to go locally to receive some type of assistance. belive me I feel for you at Christmas. it's very hard to not do what you yourself feel good with. I myself have been unable to purchase anything for anyone for over 3 years now. I have 6 children,and 10 grandchildren. they are quite understanding about my plight. thou it does not help me because of that. I just love them all. and do what I can throughout the year. search this site. it takes some time,and effort. yet it can be beneficial. and you can vent as well. once you learn to use this site properly? you'll also makes new friends as well. so many come here thinking that people of wealth or fortune are hear as well. that's not so. the people here are sometimes worse off than you might believe. they live the life and are willing to share their information that they have accumulated,so others have an equal chance to obtain the help that they need. I was in very dire straights myself when I joined the page. with the same impression as so many who come here. what I got was useful information that I used as well as possible. I was put on the right track. AND it did help me. i'm without a doubt better off do to those here. and their willingness to share
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mariahsdaddy   in reply to totally stressed
2 totally stressed.... thnks 4 the answer. Ok... so here goes. I need help with rent. St. Vincent depaul society won't help me cuz the area I'm in does not have funds. A # of agencies n churches have turned me down this whole past month. I have my daughters birthday coming up in less than a week. Christmas was & is still so hard 2 pull off. Thank God a pastor gave me $100 2 buy my daughter presents. I have no vehicle & its a struggle trying 2 get my daughter back & forth 2 school. We live more than a mile & a half away so she can't ride the bus. I Lost my job almost 2 months ago. It was not my fault. So, basically I'm asking for help with my rent I'm behind on. Before this eviction noticce gets filed in court. & for a vehicle. & some help with getting my daughter more presents on her birthday. She is about 2 b 7. & deserves so much more. Does this stuff really happen on here? Crossing my fingers.
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totally stressed
I think you just did. be specific. you'll be overwhelmed with information. merry Christmas. watch and wait for a response. someone will clue you in. thou be specific as to your needs.
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